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We Are Broadmor

Grant year 2018-19    
Circumference—13’ 4″ (160.25”)

S. Ventura, just south of Broadmor
Tempe, AZ

After several meetings of the artist with Broadmor neighbors, we decided to have the new standpipe represent two aspects of community and history: 1) The friendly people interacting with each other and 2) the metal designs near doors and gates as well as the “breezeway blocks” within concrete block walls. (Breezeway blocks are concrete blocks with designs cut through them.) These metal and block designs are typical architectural elements of post WWII era housing as found in the Broadmor Neighborhood.

The completed standpipe has a handmade tile mural of people from the Broadmor engaged in neighborly activities: dog-walking, bicycling, baby-strolling, a City of Tempe “Gain Event” and a suggestion of the community garden at Broadmor Elementary School. Neighbors collected photos of neighborhood events which the artist used to compose the design. Neighbors also helped make the textured lawn tiles as well as tiles of sunflowers and other plants. Framing the mural are artistdesigned tiles that the neighbors helped stamp and glaze. The design tiles at the top represent the metal designs near doors and gates, while the design tiles at the bottom represent the “breezeway blocks” that add texture and distinction to the neighborhood.

 This project was funded through the City of Tempe Maryanne Corder Neighborhood Grant Program.